Monday, October 16, 2006

Wedding coordinator blues

So, my mom insisted we hire a wedding coordinator, since we're doing the wedding in San Diego, and I live in L.A., but we hired the first one we spoke with and now I'm really wishing I had shopped around, or at least interviewed a few others. Turns out my coordinator usually deals with only higher end weddings, and has suggested an estimated budget for us at....$58,800!!!!! For 150 people! We're by no means wealthy, and I couldn't imagine spending a down payment for a home on a one day wedding! She's trying to tell me that paying anything less than 6500 for a photographer comprimises "quality," and that we can go lower than 4500 for flowers, but we'd be looking pretty sparse. Come on! I work in production! I wasn't born yesterday, and I know how to finagle a deal or two! And more specifically, when we hired her, I told her I wanted her to think party, not wedding. So, for those of you that in the market for a coordinator, I would suggest asking the following questions:

What is the average budget of the weddings you plan?

Do you have vendors to reccomend that fall in a variety of price ranges?

Do you think you can still acheive an amazing event despite any budget limitations?

Those are three questions I wish I would have asked before I signed her contract. Now I'm not sure if we're stuck, or if I should figure out how to cut our losses and hire someone else!

Did any of you have problems or concerns with a coordinator? Are there any other questions you might ask before hiring one on?

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