Wednesday, October 12, 2005

so I've been lagging on posting...

but for a good reason! I finally got a job and started working again! yay! Those 2 1/2 months off were really killing me, and my boyfriend, who was pretty much supporting us during my hiatus....but yes, I got the call the day after my birthday, so not only was I thirty, but also employed again!

for those of you that don't know, which I suppose is most everyone that is reading this blog, I work in entertainment, specifically television, even more specifically, reality television. I'm a free-lance associate producer, trying to work my way up to producer, but still not sure if this whole thing is what I really want to pays the bills and its fun, but I want to be a writer, not a pseudo writer creating segments for a cheesy show. I won't name my show right now, but it is at MTV, and it is cheesy.

I have not done anything fun in a long, long time, so I am determined to do something exciting this weekend! and I'm working on getting a digital camera so I can post photos of places I go, people I see, and things i do. I might as well document my first year of my thirties much better than i documented my twenties. (actually, a lot of my 20's I avoided the camera-- due to the many slightly illegal circumstances that I found myself in, especially those at 5am, much better to have kept to those that participated!)