Monday, October 09, 2006

I registered!

Sorry the posts have been sporatic! I shoot on fridays, and this weekend i was computerless-- my dear old mac is in the shop and they're back-logged so i'm out a home computer for a week!

So, I started our first registration at Crate and Barrell, I think we're also going to do Macy's and either Williams Sonoma or Z Gallerie, we thought about registering at Target, but we shop there ourselves all the time, and isn't the point of a registery for the sorts of nicer things you wouldn't be normaly buying yourself? I don't think I'll feel truly married until I have a cuisineart standing mixer and some crystal and china! I went to Crate and Barrel with my engaged best friend, and it was so much fun to have the scanner and run like crazy through the store! I didn't register for much since my fiance wasn't there, but I did pick out some cookbooks and great kitchen stuff like cedar wood for bbqing and a french press!

Where did you decide to register? And how many places did you end up registering at? And in the end, what did you end up getting, keeping or taking back?

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