Thursday, September 28, 2006

Double the fun...two brides and two weddings!

My best friend Stacey got engaged a week before me, our fiance's are really close as well, but they didn't tell each other that they were going to ask us, so it was a fun surprise to discover that we had two weddings to plan! Stacey is getting married January 13th in Palm Springs, and we're both in each others weddings. Its been a little strange planning, because we both like the same things, but we both want to ensure that both our weddings are unique, since we have a lot of the same friends that will be attending both. We spaced it out so that neither of us will steal the others thunder...but its been so fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of and talk non-stop about the wedding with. We drove across country at the end of the summer and spent over 40 hours discussing the weddings, and we still didn't cover it all. It's actually been a relief for our fiances, because now we don't bug them nearly as much as we could, and its great to have someone to go to bridal shows and dress stores with, and spend hours looking at fabric and discussing flowers and reading magazines! And right now, all four of us are living together in a compound of a 2 bedroom house and a 1 bedroom studio, so Stacey is constantly over for wedding tv show night. Did anybody else end up sharing their engagement and planning with another bride to be? Did it make the planning more fun or difficult?

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