Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A burst of Clarity, Old thoughts, Jan 2009...

im up all night, but not on purpose. i have a million thoughts
competing for attention in my head. wild delicious imaginative artful
crazy thoughts. I have a.d.d.,, not the pretend kind, the real kind,
the kind where your mom still calls to make sure your cleaning your
room and paying your bills and offering money before u bottom out your
account. Day 6 off my meds, not purposeful, more practical, being sick
does not warrant the neccesity for focus. But while the mediction im
on helps with impulse and focus on say, not getting distracted while
running my errands, it really took the oomph out of my creative ideas,
my outside the box way of thinking and the rapid spitfire of ideas
that really come colliding and competing for attention. It dulled the
chaotic chatter, the chatter is best turned off for driving, but bad
to not have it for my writing. Tonight for instance, I researched image
consulting businesses, thought of a new tv show idea about
understanding what and why we eat, worked on an old draft for another
reality show, and in bed, figured out redocorating ideas for the
apartment. I am crazy. But in a good way. Hope this inspiration

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