Sunday, April 09, 2006

drunk boyfriend

My boyfriend is drunk and passed out on the floor next to the couch...I haven't vaccuumed in awhile so I hope that he's not breathing in too much cat hair. Sometimes I wonder what the hell we're still doing...but tommorrow he'll wake up and write me a song, or paint something amazing and once again i'll fall for the tortured artist apology speil...coltrane keeps meowing, and i want to play some records really loud, but its late and the loft is too echoey and i'm not drunk enough to not give a f-ck what the neighbors think...i had a long shoot today and i'm too tired for pajamas, i'm all out of wine (and I knew I should have bought some at Whole Foods last night) but oh shiat! I forgot I did buy some sake! Yay! I'll just drink that and read magazines...I miss my friends, they are either pregnant, new moms, or too far away to just meet up to cackle over martinis with....that is what I really love about my girlfriends, we don't laugh, we cackle, loud and obnoxiously, we feed eachother food at the bar, listen deeply, tell each other we love you at the end of every conversation, and hug and kiss and hold each other when its been awhile...

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