Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's official...I'm 30 years old

So it is after midnight and I am feeling a little sad, my tweties went out with a whisper, and my thirties started with a soft I had a job interview, which I think went pretty well, then I had lunch at In N Out because I was trying to be cheap and actually budget, then I attempted to go get a haircut, but chickened out (it's impossible for a girl with super curly hair to not have a mild anxiety attack when meeting a new hairdresser) I looked at furniture, found some cute stuff, went to Target, bought some baskets so i can put away some shit, met Arnold for lunch and we laughed about how we're 30 with no jobs but somehow i manage to drive a nice car, and he managed to go to Barcelona for a month (ah, the joys of freelancing and unemployment). I went to the mall, looked for some shoes and/or a shirt, then picked up my BF, he dropped me off while he borrowed the car-- "come back by midnight so i won't have to bring in my birthday alone," surfed the internet, watched the hurricane special, then at 11:55 while I was about to feel really bummed, BF showed up with cheap champagne..."happy birthday," he said, he squeezed really tight, "it's official, you're 30!" "now i am really your 'old lady'" he laughed, "yes you are," but, I do feel a little sad, a decade that i wasn't quite ready to shed is over, i know that growing older and wiser is better, but sometimes, a little part of me wants to go back and be as excited as i was embarking on 20, 21, even 25...

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